Guest _Jupiter – Welcome, guest, to

This is an interactive multiplayer text adventure game, where you can explore, seek treasure, chat with the players, and so forth. Register to get your free daily coins!

  • FIRST VISIT?!? → Learn the lingo / read the instructions!
  • No time to read? → Type your commands now (like "say hello" or "go east") into the prompt below. There are even single-letter abbreviations for common commands like Look, South, Who, and Inventory.
  • Press Enter by itself at any time if you need to refresh your screen.

16:35:53 Connected as Guest _Jupiter.

You examine the area – Guest Lounge:

The Guest Lounge is a spacious room, sparsely decorated. It subtly exudes an aroma of stale beer. There is an exit to the East…

There are 3 coins on the floor.

In this area are: the guest note, a day old bagel, a bottle of beer(3), an empty bottle(3), a remote control and a television.

Guest Ronno (the slacker) is here, slouching in a chair.

> newguest
16:35:53 Welcome, Guest _Jupiter.

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