a text adventure game, chat room and time waster.

But what does it actually do?

This is a place where you can go to chat, explore & playTake a Chance, & Play the Game! —Abba & Queen ♫dice — evolved from what was once called a MUD or MUSH. We include verbal commands like those in Zork, other RPGs, and DOS/UNIX, but with far more natural language comprehension. You can play in your browser online anywhere. Meet up with friends, hoard treasures, compete, share, buy, trade…

Interact with the virtual world by entering text commands at the prompt. To perform an action, simply type what you want to do, such as say hello, look at the mirror, take an apple or go north. Yes, many of these can be shortened for simplicity, eg: .hello, look mirror, take apple and N (See the command reference for a few dozen additional command examples, out of many hundreds to be found).

There are innumberable secrets to discover, items to collect, easter eggs, sounds, jokes and tribbles in this burgeoning world, and a multitude of features still planned. Please join and be a part of the fun!

Game concept, design, programming, story content, and original artwork & sounds by Gene Biondo (Gene in-game).

Some custom artwork contributed by PiousChild. Some tiny graphics culled from the infamous and now defunct IconBuffet.

Many sounds courtesy of the users at freesound.org.

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